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The price increase of our product has been put into effect on 2021, May 10th. This increment is due to the soared global price of raw materials including copper (increased from 58,980 /ton to 77,050 /ton), silver (increased from 5,300,000 /ton to 5,700,000 /ton compared with last year), plastic (increased from 18,000 /ton to 28,000/ton compared with last year), and other materials.

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As a national level high-tech enterprise, Sanyou workers education level with college degree or above are around 30% of total staff. The company has a high-quality product R&D team consisting of top technical personnel in relay industry and nearly 200 research personnel.


The R&D director Mr. He Mingrong has been engaged in relay R&D for over 30 years, accumulated domestic, overseas R&D and management concept of many advanced relay manufacturers.


Our customers include many international well-known enterprises of home appliances, communications, automotive, industrial, power, medical, transportation, aerospace and other fields.

Our Hot Products

Sanyou Electrical Appliances (North America) 2011 Inc. now brings electronic, automotive, and magnetic-latching relays manufactured by our parent company (Sanyou Relays) one of the largest producers of relays in China, to the North American market. From our office in Richmond, B.C. Canada we provide both high-quality products and customer-first service. Because of our location your orders receive a faster turn around time and with our central location, expedited delivery.

Products The quality of our relays is second-to-none. Products are manufactured in state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facilities on our Dongguan campus. We import our raw materials from reliable, high-quality sources to produce electromechanical relays, automotive relays, and magnetic latching relays that meet UL, C-UL, TUV, CCEE and ISO TS16949 approval with RoHS compliances available to all products.

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