SLC-Relay (84 items) SPEC.  
  • High switching capacity up to 30A
  • Sealed types available
Typical Application
  • Automotive
  • Air conditioner
  • Heating & ventilation.
  • Home appliances
1a, 1b1c
Contact materialSilver alloy
Contact resistive
(By voltage drop 1A 6VDC)
50mΩ Max.
UL/C-UL rating 
    Resistive Load (cosΦ=1)
30A 240VAC20A 240VAC10A 240VAC
    Inductive load (cosΦ=0.75~0.8)
15A 240VAC10A 240VAC10A 240VAC
    Motor load
1-1/2HP 240VAC1-1/2HP 240VAC1/2HP 240VAC
3/4HP 240VAC3/4HP 240VAC1/4HP 240VAC
CQC rating 
    Resistive load
30A/120A 250VAC20A/80A 250VAC10A/40A 250VAC
TUV rating 
    Resistive load
1a: 30A 240VAC20A 240VAC10A 240VAC
1b: 15A 240VAC 
Max. switching voltage250VAC
Max. switching current
Max. switching power
Exoected life (min. ope) 
    Mechanical (at 180 cpm)1 Χ 107
    Electrical (at 20 cpm)1 Χ 105
Norminal operation power0.9W
 Model  Protection Construction  Number of Poles  Coil Voltage  Coil Sensitivity  Contact Form  Material Marker 
SLC-S-105DM Sealed type  1 Pole  5V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-105DB Sealed type  1 Pole  5V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-105D Sealed type  1 Pole  5V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-106DM Sealed type  1 Pole  6V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-106DB Sealed type  1 Pole  6V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-106D Sealed type  1 Pole  6V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-109DM Sealed type  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-109DB Sealed type  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-109D Sealed type  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-112DM Sealed type  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-112DB Sealed type  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-112D Sealed type  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-115DM Sealed type  1 Pole  15V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-115DB Sealed type  1 Pole  15V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-115D Sealed type  1 Pole  15V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-118DM Sealed type  1 Pole  18V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-118DB Sealed type  1 Pole  18V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-118D Sealed type  1 Pole  18V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-124DM Sealed type  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-124DB Sealed type  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-124D Sealed type  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-148DM Sealed type  1 Pole  48V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-148DB Sealed type  1 Pole  48V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-148D Sealed type  1 Pole  48V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-1110DM Sealed type  1 Pole  110V  DC  Form A  Normal 
SLC-S-1110DB Sealed type  1 Pole  110V  DC  Form B  Normal 
SLC-S-1110D Sealed type  1 Pole  110V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-S-105DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  5V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-105DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  5V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-105D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  5V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-S-106DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  6V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-106DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  6V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-106D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  6V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-S-109DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-109DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-109D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-S-112DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-112DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-112D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-S-115DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  15V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-115DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  15V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-115D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  15V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-S-118DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  18V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-118DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  18V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-118D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  18V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-S-124DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-124DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-124D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-S-148DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  48V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-148DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  48V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-148D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  48V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-S-1110DM-F Sealed type  1 Pole  110V  DC  Form A  Lead-free 
SLC-S-1110DB-F Sealed type  1 Pole  110V  DC  Form B  Lead-free 
SLC-S-1110D-F Sealed type  1 Pole  110V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-112DMK Sealed type washable  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Normal 
SLC-SH-112DK Sealed type washable  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form C  Protective quick connect terminal  Normal 
SLC-124DMK Flux type  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Normal 
SLC-124DK Flux type  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form C  Protective quick connect terminal  Normal 
SLC-SH-109D Sealed type washable  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form C  Normal 
SLC-SH-109D-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form C  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-112DMK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-109DK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form C  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-112DK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form C  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-112DM-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form C  Soldering  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-105DMK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  5V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-124DK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form C  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-122DK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  22V  DC  Form C  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-118DMK Sealed type washable  1 Pole  18V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Normal 
SLC-SH-118DMK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  18V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-124DM-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form C  Soldering  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-124DMK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-109DK-F-01 Sealed type washable  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form C  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free  Special requirement 
SLC-SH-109D-F-01 Sealed type washable  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form C  Standard  Lead-free  Special requirement 
SLC-SH-1110DM-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  110V  DC  Form C  Soldering  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-106DM-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  6V  DC  Form C  Soldering  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-115DM-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  15V  DC  Form A  COM Terminal and NC/NO terminal on the same side  Lead-free 
SLC-S-106DM-F-03 Flux proofed  1 Pole  6V  DC  Form C  Soldering  Class F  Special Requirement 
SLC-S-112DM-F-03 Flux proofed  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form C  Soldering  Class F  Special Requirement 
SLC-S-112DMK-F-C1 Flux proofed  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free  Special requirement 
SLC-SH-124DBK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  24V  DC  Form B  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free 
SLC-SH-1110DK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  110V  DC  Form C  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free  Standard type 
SLC-S-112DMK-F-C4 Flux proofed  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free  Special requirement 
SLC-SH-109DMK-F Sealed type washable  1 Pole  9V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free  Standard type 
SLC-SH-112DMK-F-03 Sealed type washable  1 Pole  12V  DC  Form A  Protective quick connect terminal  Lead-free  Special Requirement