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  • Vancouver Dock

    The Port of Vancouver is currently full and the cargo ships cannot find a place to dock. They are still drifting on the offshore area near the Port of Vancouver. The originally scheduled time to land was last week and should now await the customs clearance. But unfortunately, since the cargo ships are still waiting on the sea.

  • Global price increase

    Dear valued customers, The price increase of our product has been put into effect on 2021, May 10th. This increment is due to the soared global price of raw materials including copper (increased from 9217.50usd /ton to 12041.51usd /ton), silver (increased from 828293.22usd /ton to 890805.92usd /ton compared with last year), plastic (increased from 2813.07usd/ton to 4375.89usd/ton compared with last year), and other materials. It seems this situation may become worse in the fulture, our price may also changed depend on the cost. sourced from www.ometal.com.

    Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe. Stay strong.

    Sanyou team


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Sanyou Relay has non-cancel-non-return policy. Unless there is a product failure.

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Sanyou Relay offers a minimum order of 100 USD. If you only need small amount, please find our distributors at the footer section.

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