Updating News: Sep 13 2021

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  • IMPORTANT: Chinese Holiday & Shipping date

    Dear customers, By considering influences caused by Chinese National Day, Christmas, and Chinese New Year every year as well as the terrible ocean transportation situation this year, we recommend shipping all your orders by the end of 2021, which due by March 2022.
    1. The Chinese National Day(Oct/1) will have 10 days holiday break.
    2. The Christmas(Dec/25) holiday will roughly cause 15 days delay.
    3. The 2022 Chinese New Year will begin at the end of Jan-2022(Feb/1) and cause another 20 days delay.
    4. The average time of ocean transportation is around two and a half months (80 days) compared with 49 days in the past.
    Please consider the influences listed above and advise your decision or plan to avoid any potential losses.

  • New introduction to our company

    We have a new version of introduction about our company. Click to download details.

  • IMPORTANT: New automation production line

    Sanyou will have new automation production line for SLX(SLA, SLI, etc), SRB, SRD and SJ. The production QTY will increase significantly. The production leadtime will decrease a lot. Now it is a good time to place orders!

  • Sanyou Corporation Ltd acquires ZeMingLangXi

    Sanyou Corporation has signed document to acquire QingXian ZeMingLangXi Electronic Devices Co.,Ltd. ZeMing is a high-tech electronic device production company. It mainly focus on transformer. Main products include mini current transformers for instruments, DC immune current transformers for energy meter, voltage transformers, zero-sequence current transformers, dual-function current-voltage transformers, split core current transformers and amorphous, nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, etc. ZeMing exports to South Korea, Turkey, India, Russia, Brazil, Germany etc.
    See more detail at: ZeMingLangXi.

  • SRM system update

    Sanyou will have a system update, including ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), WMS(Warehouse Management System), QMS(Quality Management System), MES(Manufacturing Execution System), etc. These updates will be in use around Dec 2021. It will reduce cost of management and robustness of human error.

  • Unstable ETD: New Updated

    Currently, we are experiencing some weird errors in our system. The ETD date for this week maybe inaccurate(Jul/12/2021 Week). sorry for the inconvenience. Still waiting for an update.
    Jul 19 Updated: We had a meeting with our factory, the ETD requirement date will be mostly satisfied. So there will be a huge change to all ETD and the new date will be acceptable for all POs.

  • IMPORTANT: ECN of SM Ex printing

    Ex mark and load mark's location and font change in SM Ex type printing(Only fit for Ex type). The SM Ex mark is enlarged and moved up. SM load mark moved up. The purpose for this change is to enlarge the Ex mark font, adjust Ex mark and load mark position to better identification by customer's machine.
    If you see this notice, and you are using this type of product(SM 8A,12A,16A EX type), please send an email to us, or to Daniel Song for comfirmation. Or if the change is not acceptable, please contact us asap!

  • Digikey distributor

    Welcome our new distributor, Digikey! Our product will be on Digikey very soon. Search Sanyou on Digikey website for all products!

  • Trademark changed

    We have been informed the Notice of the unified trademark of Sanyou.

  • ShenZhen Dock situation

    According to Covid case number in GuangDong province, all products which are FOB ShenZhen, are resulting a huge line up in dock. Normally sea shipping need 49 days. But for now, it may take longer and shipping by air is a good choice for urgent use.

  • Vancouver Dock: New update

    The Port of Vancouver is currently full and the cargo ships cannot find a place to dock. They are still drifting on the offshore area near the Port of Vancouver. The originally scheduled time to land was last week and should now await the customs clearance. But unfortunately, since the cargo ships are still waiting on the sea.

    Jun 23 New updated: The Cargo arrived, we received products and ready to ship.

  • Global price increase

    Dear valued customers, The price(in RMB, CNY) increase of our product has been put into effect on 2021, May 10th. This increment is due to the soared global price of raw materials including copper (increased from 58,980 /ton to 77,050 /ton), silver (increased from 5,300,000 /ton to 5,700,000 /ton compared with last year), plastic (increased from 18,000 /ton to 28,000/ton compared with last year), and other materials. sourced from www.ometal.com.


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Sanyou Relay has non-cancel-non-return policy. Unless there is a product failure.

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Sanyou Relay offers a minimum order of 100 USD. If you only need small amount, please find our distributors at the footer section.

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Sanyou Relay only offer quotation to our signed distributors. If you are interesting to become one, please send an email to us. Sanyou always welcome!

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